about cyclomattus

hi there, this is the site of cyclomattus! as mentioned on the home page "cyclomattus" is a reference to the genus Cyclommatus, of my favorite insect species Cyclommatus metallifer. this became my favorite species after i played animal crossing new leaf. i spent so many late nights in high school beetle hunting on the island in that game. my interest in this game was a key factor in me studying entomology in real life.


outside of studying insects and plants, i really enjoy making art. i have been making art for as long as i can remember. you can view my art in my art gallery or on my twitter/tumblr/instagram accounts (under cyclomattus). i have had a massive art block since 2020, but i believe im starting to get over it. making this website has been a nice way to get back into creative endeavors. this year, i hope to make a comic ive been planning since 2020 called "means to a deep end". my favorite things to draw are creatures, colorful things, funny animals and lately ive been really enjoying pixel art. (click image for full view)

for a more specific "about me", you can call me sophia or beetle. i am 25 years old and this is what i look like currently. i have a lovely girlfriend and a funny orange cat named sammy. you can see more specific things i like under "cool stuff" on this site. there i show some of my favorite music, movies, games, etc. here are some cool little widgets that you may be able to discern stuff about me from. thanks for visiting!

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